Nov 11, 2020

OAK'D Handcrafted BBQ Delivers on Central Texas Barbecue (And So Much More)

Category: New Restaurants

If we had to identify just one way the pandemic has hit us all, we'd guess it's the warping of our sense of time.

Days and weeks run together, months lurch onward, and we find the holidays just around the corner.  Back in the spring, we heard of OAK'D Handcrafted BBQ, a planned barbecue restaurant coming to Dallas. The best-laid plans were often foiled by COVID-19, and OAK'D was no exception; the planned summer opening date kept sliding further down the calendar.

Combined with our lack of temporal awareness (do you even quarantine if you don't ask Alexa what day it is once a week?), we'd lost track of OAK'D, until news came that the restaurant would finally open the first week of November. The official first day was Nov. 6, and shortly thereafter, we grabbed our masks and headed over for a look.




Desired and selected by pit masters everywhere to produce real Barbecue the authentic way, fueled ONLY with burning hardwood!



This broiler gets its name from the "show" it actually creates in fine restaurants everywhere.



Customers simply cannot resist this primal, appetite-stimulating cooking method when they see meat turning slowly over incredible hot wood or charcoal fires, or under intense infrared gas burners.



J&R has always had a problem saying “no” to a chef who starts a question with a phrase like, “would it be possible to build a unit that…?” As a result, we are now considered the “go-to” manufacturer for custom broilers, rotisseries, and smokers.