The Woodshow Broiler

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This broiler gets its name from the "show" it actually creates in fine restaurants everywhere. As you know, the food cooked over a live fuel fire is unparalleled in flavor. If the broiler is in customer view, appetites (and check averages) soar! The Wood Show is legendary for durability, ease of use, and its ability to easily tame the nonpareil* intense flame temperatures produced by hardwood fuels (*and you thought we were unsophisticated in Mesquite, Texas!). The discriminating chef is provided the unique ability to control the distance between fuel and food for perfect grilling on all types of food.

Easy to Use
Fuel loading is easy with the front fuel above the top of the firebox body.
Adjustable cooking surface
A turn of the wheel adjusts the grill to position the food closer or farther from the fire for total control of the cooking rate. Because the chef can lower the grill at the end of a shift to utilize every last ember of wood or charcoal, fuel efficiency is maximized. There are fewer interruptions during busy periods to add or tend fuel.
Safe, cool operation
Our unique Chef Coolę design keeps the heat inside the grill resulting in a cooler kitchen and a grateful chef.
Large selection
See the sizes and capacity chart on the reverse side.
Easy to clean
The firebox surfaces are smooth and an ash drop in the firebox floor facilitates ash transfer to the removable ash drawer. Heavy duty casters allow easy mobility.
Air control damper
The chef can regulate the combustion air to help control the burn rate.
These units are built like tanks to take the day-to-day abuse in busy kitchens.
Side and rear splashes, ash carts, rakes, removable plate shelves, sauce pan cut-outs, and oversized casters are available.

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