Smoke-Master Convection Oven

Model 250 RFS Barbecue Pit

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This large capacity pit (big brother to the Little Red Smokehouse) is wood fired but comes equipped with an electric oven heating element. This feature reduces wood consumption and allows you to craft the flavor of the meat to your exact preference. By using safe, clean electrical energy to assist the wood fire you will produce authentic barbecue without the “gassy taste” associated with gas/wood ovens. You can cook up to 600 pounds per load of briskets, pork butts, tri-tips, etc. Even cooking is assured with our unique high velocity convection air system, so no rotation of the meat will be required.

Easy to Use
Fire starting is easy with the built in stack fan providing draft and the combustion air fan providing oxygen. However, live coals last over 72 hours in the refractory lined firebox so most customers start a fire from scratch only once. After that, they just scoop out some ashes daily and add fresh wood. The coals and the pit do the rest to ignite the newly added wood. Loading and unloading are easy with the large doors and slide out racks. After loading, just set the thermostat and relax. The air control system will precisely maintain your selected temperature while you sleep.
Electric elements
Safe, clean electrical energy reduces wood consumption if you choose, thereby eliminating the hazard, foul taste, and odor of gas with its sulfurous components (mercaptans).
The Smoke-Master is incredibly efficient due to the unique temperature control design and heavy insulation. It cooks up to 600 pounds of meat yet requires less than 17 square feet of floor space!
Evacuation System
Just turn the evacuation switch and our damper and fan system goes into action to induce fresh air into the pit and exhaust the smoke out through the stack and not into your kitchen.
Cook and hold
Set the cooking time and the initial cooking temperature. After the timer counts down, the pit temperature automatically resets to 145 degrees (holding temperature).
Easy to clean
Removable racks and rack slides. The oven floor slopes to a large drain reservoir, which can be easily drained through a remote valve. Stainless steel interior.
Easy to vent
Can be vented directly with six inch Class A stack or placed under a Type I exhaust hood. Follow all local codes.

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