We always remember with our products that tradition is a very important component to food preparation. We revere tradition, whether it is authentic wood cooked barbecue or Brazilian Churrasco grilling. Now we have a rich new tradition to honor: Japanese Robata Grilling.

This cooking style has been perfected over centuries. We have created a new chef-friendly grill to honor this venerable cooking style.

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Robatayaki refers to restaurants in which seafood and vegetables are cooked over an open charcoal grill. In the olden days, an open fireplace (robata) in the middle of a Japanese house was the center of activity for cooking, eating, socializing, and simply keeping warm. The Robata Grill, then, was the grill placed in the robata. Today's robatayaki restaurants are like nostalgia trips back into Japan's past. Grilling is done over high quality charcoal.

One variety of charcoal is made from holm oak, a very hard wood used in kilns in the southern Kishu area (Wakayama Prefecture). This charcoal, called Kishu binchotan, is considered to be the best grade because it is hard and yields a long burn. It emits plenty of far-infrared rays, which bring out the flavor of broiled foods. In the U.S., high quality mesquite or oak lump charcoal is the practical (and excellent) alternative.

There's no special menu in a robatayaki restaurant - rather, it includes just about everything eaten in Japan. The difference is that most of the food will be grilled.

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