The Oyler Pit

Patented by Herbert Oyler in 1968, the Oyler Pit revolutionized the art and science of barbecue. We have been refining this extraordinary pit for decades, and it is considered to be, quite simply, the finest barbecue pit in the world. For over forty years barbecue experts from all over the world have been trying to figure out the Oyler’s secrets. Many theories abound, from the natural purity of the fuel, to the “ferris wheel” rotisserie action, to the constant basting, to the unique air, smoke, and humidity control features. Some hold that it is the very journey of the meat, validating Mr. Oyler’s “blanket of heat&rd theory that is based on the meat being “massaged” as it passes through alternate temperature zones while it revolves. This debate will rage for many more decades. We don’t know all the answers we just appreciate the results!

With the Oyler E Models, we have now developed a safe and clean way to assist the wood fire. We use safe and clean electrical elements. There is no flavor tainting with our electrical elements. There is no explosion hazard, either. What you do have is a way to dramatically reduce wood usage while preserving the character of what barbecue purists everywhere credit as being the best pit in the world...the Oyler. If you cook barbecue, please do it right, don't gas it!!

*What are mercaptans?

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