Above all else, J & R Manufacturing strives to maintain its core values in this very competitive marketplace.


Thirty-three years ago Mike Higgins and his partner, H. E. Finley, acquired the patent rights to a unique 100% wood fired barbecue pit invented by the late Herbert Oyler. They formed J&R Manufacturing, Inc. and began building the Oyler Pit, one pit at a time, in a small shop in Dallas. Cooking all night without attention, using rotisserie motion, and producing consistently delicious barbecue caused the word to spread about the Oyler pit. Soon the Oyler pit could be seen in barbecue restaurants throughout the country.

Today many of these early Oyler pits are still turning out great barbecue every day. This pit has the additional distinction of being the first wood fired oven to be UL approved and NSF listed. While continuing to make engineering improvements on the Oyler pit other products were also being developed... the first wood fired convection oven; heavy duty grills featuring "Chef-Cool" insulation, and spit-roasting display rotisseries of all styles. With custom and innovative designs J&R continues to meet the needs of its customers.

Service and Benefits

J & R has worked very hard to maintain its extraordinary reputation over the last 30 years. Our satisfied customers in the U.S. and abroad are our most valuable assets. We are very proud of our customer service:

  • A knowledgeable and attentive staff to answer our toll free phone lines.
  • On-site support available as well, before, during, and after installation.
  • A fully equipped test kitchen for our customers to use for menu testing and personnel training.
  • Recipe books and operating manuals are included with every unit.

Strength and Durability

Treadplate - steel strong and tough- has become the visible trademark of J & R. It is no wonder that imitators have recently begun to apply treadplate to the front of their gas ovens. Heavy structural steel and component parts that have been field tested over the last 30 years assure you of long years of quality use from J & R equipment. Every unit we build is thoroughly tested prior to shipment to ensure that it meets our quality, safety, and user friendliness standards. Many of the original units built over 3 decades ago are still in daily use ... and the ones built today are even better!

Innovative Ideas

The use of thermostatic controls, convected air, cook and hold, and evacuation systems on 100% wood fired units are all firsts from J & R! The combination of gas infrared burners with a wood fire for open rotisseries? Another first. We also introduced the first U.S. manufactured, authentic Brazillian Churrasco Rotisserie and the first Japanese Robata Grill. We manufacture more custom rotisseries than anyone else.

Dedication to Taste

Top priority is given to the flavors, textures, tenderness, and appearance of the foods cooked in our equipment. Our development engineers are both food specialists and equipment designers. Every new piece of equipment is thoroughly proven in our test kitchen during the development stage to ensure that the food quality meets our customers' demanding standards. We maintain a NO GAS philosophy in all of our barbecue pit designs.


Our products are in use every day all over the U.S. and in many foreign locations, from Euro Disney in France to Raffles in Singapore. We are very excited about our growing community of international customers. We have exported our equipment for years, and the pace has quickened. Our list of export destinations include Aruba, Antigua, Bermuda, Australia, Canada, The Cayman Islands (B.O.T.), China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, The Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, and the United Kingdom. We are proud of our reputation, both internationally and here in the U.S.

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