We at J&R Manufacturing combine the traditions of a heritage of barbecue with a passion for innovation in live fuel fire cooking. The interaction between meat and a live fuel fire of wood or charcoal has defined our past, and is at the heart of every product we create.

It was born on the frontier; nurtured by pride; steeped in tradition. Under a wilderness sky, men learned that meats smoked for long hours over smoldering logs took on a incredible flavor. On the cattle drives, the creators of these delights were considered Artists -- and artists they became... even to food lovers from glittery cities where European chefs wrote the rules.

Our products are faithful to the original secrets of long, lazy cooking with wood smoke... preserving old time flavor while taking old-time labor out of the process. We think those artists of the frontier would be proud.

Throughout our history we have stayed true to our beliefs to bring you the best in the industry. We are experts at cooking with "live fuel" (wood and charcoal). We are highly focused on our core strengths of delivering durable, chef-friendly, high quality, cost effective, reliable, and innovative products to meet the exacting demands of generations of chefs, designers, owners, and restaurateurs the world over.

We are known in the industry for combining a reverence for the ideals of our heritage with a creative drive to develop new solutions for an ever changing and challenging marketplace.